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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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> To tie things in with previous discussions, I suspect that this sort of
> thing is one of the differences between "degreed" engineers and "self
> taught" engineers.  While repeating decimals are theoretically high-school
> or earlier math, the sort of "gut feel" for non-intuitive values of limits
> and such might be something that one gets drummed into them during the two
> years of calculus and physics one endures as "perparation" to using Smith
> charts and phasors for EE (not to mention that numerical analysis class.)
> There'd be exceptions, of course.

I guess, I'm an exception. I don't personally know any other self taught
engineers so I can't say how it stacks up but, my gut instinct is that you
are right Bill. I do know two degreed engineers who don't have a good feel
for mathematics, both close personal friends, and they both got out of
design engineering (one does engineering project management and the other
cranks out asp web code).


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