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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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   <rant on>
   I consider, a complete understanding of rounding and number systems
   (very basic algebra) to be absolutely essential for good engineering. In
   my opinion, anyone involved in engineering of any sort should understand
   basic algebra completely. Now, I'm not saying that all engineers must
   have this info memorized but, they must have a gut feel for it and know
   where to look up the precise info (e.g. their old text books).
   <rant off>

To tie things in with previous discussions, I suspect that this sort of
thing is one of the differences between "degreed" engineers and "self
taught" engineers.  While repeating decimals are theoretically high-school
or earlier math, the sort of "gut feel" for non-intuitive values of limits
and such might be something that one gets drummed into them during the two
years of calculus and physics one endures as "perparation" to using Smith
charts and phasors for EE (not to mention that numerical analysis class.)

There'd be exceptions, of course.

OTOH, in software engineering, I've been rather shocked at how seldom
floating point ("real" numbers) actually gets used...

Is there a simple algorithm for doing the odd/even rounding (equivilent to
N+0.5 and truncate?)

(of course, we're now in big arguments over fine points.  Whether you
always round .5 up, or do te even/odd thing, your error introduced over
typical sample sizes is going to be pretty small.)


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