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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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Kevin Blain <RemoveMEkevinbRemoveMEspam.....WOODANDDOUGLAS.CO.UK> wrote:

>Subject: Re: [OT]: Brain Burp Rounding??
>Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 11:44:44 +0100


>This reminds me of the thing where :-
>- There is 1 cake
>- Each person takes half of the amount of cake that is left, indefinatly
>Therefore there is always some cake left......

A similar story is told of a mathematician and an engineer presented with a
problem concerning a beautiful woman located 10 feet away. Each is told that
he can halve the distance to her every 10 minutes and asked how long it will
be until he reaches her.

The mathematician states that he will never be able to reach her.

The engineer figures that, within the hour, it'll be close enough for him.

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