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Thread: non-conductive 'hot glue'
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One doesn't typically need to glue down components to the perfboard --I'm
assuming your using through-hole parts.
Usually the solder itself is sufficent to hold the part in place; unless you
have a particularly large cap or something.  Get yourself a nice panavise to
hold the board on its side and nudge the part into place while you tack down
with the solder.  Once the part is positioned where you want it, do a nicer
job making electrical connections; solder joints should be shiney when cool.
You'll get the hang of it once you get to doing it. Also, be careful to not
overheat the leads on the smaller semiconductors --a couple of seconds
should be more than enough to get a good joint.

What are you building?
Good luck!

Oh, yea --Don't try to catch the hot soldering iron if it falls off the
workbench.  :)
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