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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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> Is it any wonder that on Massachusetts State Income Taxes you must (by
> use the >=5 rounding method, more revenue for the state :-).
> Actually, because you use the same rounding for exemptions/deductions as
> income the revenue isn't any better for the state but, the simpler >=5
> rounding is easier on the tax preparer.

I was wondering when this was going to be brought up.  I can only imagine
trying to explain to the IRS at an audit that you were only rounding the
"other" way in the interest of national accuracy.  BTW if accuracy is so
important that even/odd rounding is needed, then the (IMHO) sensible way to
deal with the math is to carry more digits of precision than required and
then (and only then) round the final total.  IIRC (its been a long time)
this is the way the COBOL compiler did math, I suspect other compilers do
the same.


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