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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
face BY : Kevin Blain email (remove spam text)

000-499 round down
500-599 round up
1000-1499 round down
1500-1999 round up

etc. etc.

where is the uneven bias? where is the 'favouring rounding up?'

if you consider 1000 to be part of the 500-999 group (i.e. 0-4999 and
500-1000) then you are including the same number twice.

the scale is 0-9 in decimal, not 0-10

here's a scale

0,1,2,3,4   |  5,6,7,8,9

the | has an equal number of numbers on each side. The | does not go through
the number 5, it IMMEDIATLY precedes it, so if the scale had decimals in

0.0 through 4.9 | 5.0 through 9.9

again, exactly the same number of numbers. The bar is infinately thin, and
therefore once the data is quantised, there is no possibility of the data
landing on the bar.

Regards, Kevin

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