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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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To say "NO!" is a bit emphatic, since I could just as well say that we
will only truncate numbers, which would provide an answer which may be
fine for some conditions.

I understand your logic; but this is still including 500 numbers below
the "rounded to" value and 499 above, therefore (and I repeat)
statistically, you are favoring the round up when given a random set of

 Again looking at the results of the scenario I presented below,
The actual answer is                 2260 +/- 10

The "Round >=5" result is            2270  (+0/-20)
The "Round Even if 5" result is      2260  (+/- 10)
And the "Truncate" result is         2250  (+20/-0)

So which answer is right?
  All of them (or none of them) depending on the requirements...

David W. Gulley
Destiny Designs

Kevin Brain wrote:
> NO! becasue 1000 is the same as 0. Er - that needs explaining! i.e. there
> are 500 numbers 0-499 inclusive and 500 numbers 500-999 inclusive. So the
> 1000 is the 0 in the next set.
> Regards, Kevin
> {Original Message removed}
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