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No bother at all!

To post to the piclist.com site:

Step 1: Browse to
http://www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devprogs.htm by clicking on PIC
FAQ, then Programmers. (you could pick another page to link from if you
like... it seemed like it should be listed as a way to program the chip)

Step 2: In the little form at the bottom of the page, type "A useful little
monitor program for the '877 from Jack Dollhausen" in the big text input
area and paste the link into the "with optional link to: (HREF/URL/New
Page)" input field. Change "Public" to "Anon" and "Question" to "Link" so
that it reads "use this form to Add a   anon link" Press the "Add" button.

If you are trying to post it to the piclist, see the directions at
http://www.piclist.com for joining the list and then you will be able to
post to the list.

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