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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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Roman Black wrote:
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I have used the following:

 3.12350 = 3.124 (if exactly .xxx50000, round up if previous digit odd)
 3.12450 = 3.124 (if exactly .xxx50000, round down if previous digit

The idea here is that if you are tallying a series of values, the
"random" nature of rounding some up, some down will "tend" to average
out the errors. (This is a very debatable subject!)

 3.12451 = 3.125 (greater than .xxx50 so round up)
 3.12449 = 3.124 (less than .xxx50 so round down)

following the previous two examples:
 3.1245000000001  = 3.125 (greater than .xxx50 so round up)
 3.1244999999999  = 3.124 (less than .xxx50 so round down)

for the examples you used:
3.1245551 = 3.125   (greater than .xxx50 so round up)
3.1245556 = 3.125   (greater than .xxx50 so round up)

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