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michael brown wrote:
> > p.s.  Would people please stop putting their own address in the Reply-To
> > line??  I'm with Olin on this one.
> > _________________________________________________________________
> > What are we supposed to do?  If I put the piclist address as the reply-to
> address and then send e-mail to someone other than the piclist, and then
> they reply to me, their reply will go to the piclist.  What would be the
> benefit of this?

A better question is why would you put the PICList's address into the
Reply-To field from your own mailer?  If there is no Reply-To in the
original mail, then the server inserts the PICList address as a Reply-To. But if there is already a Reply-To in the mail, then the server respects
that field.

> If this is such a burden, then the piclist remailer should change the
> reply-to address before re-mailing the message to everyone on the list.  A
> sendmail rule or a few lines of perl would do it.

Or a server setting.  But then those subscribers that really do want only a
direct reply won't be able to set a Reply-To pointing to themselves.

> I don't think that James would want all of my customers e-mail replies
> showing up on the list.

They couldn't show up on the list - only those subscribed to the list can
post to the list.
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