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Thread: I2C slave software for the PC to talk to a PIC
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Reason being it is very difficult to write a pure bit bashed slave on a PC
that will run at reasonable speeds.  You really need a small amount of
external logic to make this feasable, something to detect stop/start
conditions, and a shift register.  You can get I2C bus analysers for PC's
but they are *expensive*.  I have thought of using a PIC with an SSP based
slave and async comms to the PC, but I feel that introduces another layer of
potential problems, especialy with the slightly iffy SSP module...

Maybe we (as in list collective) can come up with a suitable design?

As an aside, if anyone is in the market for a good scope , the HP Infinium
series have I2C triggering built in, you can trigger on start/stop or a
specific byte.  Very usefull for debugging.



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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/i2cs.htm?key=i2c
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