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Thread: What makes an engineer
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That's what teeth are for! :o)  Nice tasty bit of lead never did anyone
harm.  Much.

>         I used to regularly pick up the iron by the wrong end, soldering
> circuit on my bedroom floor as a young teenager (didn't have a bench) but
> I gave that up when PCBs became popular.  Nowadays I just get high on the
> smoke from the flux...
>         John.
I have caught a falling soldering iron several itmes, the wonrg way.  It's
certainly a habbit you learn to kick pretty quickly, although back at home,
burns on the hand were far prefereable to my parents seeing burn marks on
the carpet!

This sounds a bit like a thread on a car maintenance group on usenet I
subscribe to:  What tools are in your toolbox?  Popular answers are:

"Hammers, both metric and imperial"
"Special torque limiting screwdrivers, where the handle turns but the shaft
"The wrong type of screwdriver (always loads of crosspoints if you want a
flat bladed driver!)"
"Semi-working multimeter, keeps you guessing"
"ratchetless ratchet, and I don't mean one of those cool modern ones"

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