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Thread: Pressure/Mass sensor pad/mats
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the coolest sensor on the market is manufactured by Sure Action
(800)648-4301  Ask for Austin Stack .  I work for a home automation lighting
control manufacturer and many of our installers use the Sure Action Stress
Sensors.  These are a strain relief type sensors that are epoxied on the
side of, or under a floor or joist. They sense microscopic flexing and
trigger a low voltage relay contact.  They have 2 or 3 sensitivity levels
available for different applications.  I have had clients place them under
steel trusses with 2 inches of concrete on top and they have worked.  You
might have to be creative to get it to work under a chair, but it would work
under the floor where the chair is located.  I have even seen clients put
them on the floor under a toilet to turn the fan on in the bathroom..  Maybe
they could mate the sensor with a "methane detector" to vary the speed of
the fan :)

These sensors have been around for many years and are ultra reliable.  They
were originally developed for the marine industry to protect boats from
intuders.  They will not trigger from wave action moving a dock, but from
weight applied by a person walking on the dock.  One client put them under
the window sills in his teenagers bedrooms to monitor if they were sneaking
in or out of the room via the window!

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