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Thread: a newbie mpasm question
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That instruction is not valid, the bit must be set at compile time.
One way of doing this is to use a lookup table to convert your bit number to
a mask


       addwf PCL,f
       retlw B'00000001'
       retlw B'00000010'
       retlw B'00000100'
       retlw B'00001000'
       retlw B'00010000'
       retlw B'00100000'
       retlw B'01000000'
       retlw B'10000000'

Then use the returned bit mask to toggle the port:

movlw 1                         ; select pin to toggle
call GetMask            ; retrieve the appropriate mask
xorwf PORTA,f           ; toggle the pin

Everytime you XOR the port with the mask, the select bit will toggle.

Hope this helps.


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