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Thread: Which Oscillator in a Rocket?
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At 06:14 PM 4/30/01 -0400, Tony Goetz wrote:
>Sorry for that delay in response; haven't had much time to e-mail! I
>certainly wouldn't let the responses go without answer.
>Thanks all who gave input on this. There seems to be a little bit of argument
>as to which would be great, adequate, etc, but a few voices of experience
>have said that crystals work (for them) without any trouble. So, since they
>work fine and generally have good accuracy, that's what I'll go with. Of
>course, the real test is actually sending the thing up in a rocket! We'll see
>when that day comes....

Another thing to watch is battery connections. Springs can fail at launch,
or in the opposite direction on burnout.

Good luck.

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