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Thread: 8743 Peripheral Controller & PIC
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Hi all,

I was stripping an old PC keyboard ( I got for $1) for parts (lots of buttons, LEDs, chips, etc...). I get alot of my components this way, buying old junk and stripping it.  Anyways, I found an INTEL 8743DP controller chip on it (circa 1980).  I checked out the web but theres nothing on this chip (no datasheets).  It appears to be obsolete.  I remember reading somewhere that someone got started in microcontrollers using these types of keyboard chips because they have everything in them like PICs do.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this particular chip or where I might find old archived datasheets.  I just want to see if its at all possible to use it in some way with a PIC.

I dont know if this means anything, I thought it strange, but the chip says Intel on it and it has the AMD arrow logo on it as well.


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