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Thread: How to convert Resistance to digital data directly
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At 08:16 AM 4/30/01 +1200, Russell McMahon wrote:
>  What sort of caps are you using?
>Presumably Mylar or similar rather than eg ceramic.

Ceramic at the moment.
I discharge through a fixed R, then through two variable Rs (in turn) so my
answer should be:

S1=V1/Fixed and S2 = V2/Fixed  With S1,2 = 0-15.

This way, the absolute value of the cap isn't so important, and drift isn't
a factor.
There is also a routine, during the establishment of the Fixed value, that
steps down the T1 prescaler, looking for the largest result that will fit
in an 8 bit word (T1H= 0)

That way, the routine is maximally tolerant of absolute values.

My biggest problem is this apparent variability in the low threshold, for
reasons that are not obvious.

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