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Thread: How to convert Resistance to digital data directly
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At 08:16 AM 4/30/01 +1200, Russell McMahon wrote:
>  What sort of caps are you using?
>Presumably Mylar or similar rather than eg ceramic.
>Does transferring this from the ICE to a "real" PIC produce an identical

Difficult. I've only got one board, and it's SMD.

>Presumably when you say "non-linearity" you mean non linear compared to an
>exponential curve.
>Might it help to eg go low, then high, and time for say 5 time constants
>after the low to high transition and then go low again and count the time

That's what I'm doing.  Charge for long time (verified on scope to flat)
then discharge and time.

>That way, even though the 5 time constants "should" pretty much have
>the cap at top rail, driving it there for a consistent period after it
>passes through low-high threshold may reduce variability.

I'm charging it way into the flat.
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