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Thread: How to convert Resistance to digital data directly
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>Repeatability is about +-2 percent.

Not from where I sit..

I'm working on this, and not having much luck with it.
I tried 1-15k resistors, and got horrible non-linearity below about 10k.
Now using 10-150k, I'm getting jitter on the low threshold that's munging
the time by a factor of 2 or more.

Tried 0.1uF, and 0.01uF, no particular difference other than scale.

I'm using the MPLAB-ICE, and four channel DSO to diagnose. (Yes I factored
in the probe resistance).

My biggest frustration is that the discharge dosen't seem to be stable to
more than about 0.5V, and sometimes dosen't detect till as near to zero as
I can see.

I start the discharge, start timer 1, then sit in a loop of
  goto Here

No ints, nothing else going on..

I agree that it SHOULD work, and I was rather counting on it to work, but
it dosen't seem to BE working.

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