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Thread: Using large table to store/display graphics LCD data
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Dear Tim Thompson,

Tim Thompson <spamBeGoneiruleRemoveMEspamRemoveMEIRULE.NET> on 2001-04-26 02:29:29 AM thanked Myke and David
for the help, then asked:
>anyone have a
>windoze/Linux program that will read in a bitmap
>and convert it to useable data? Mind you the LCD takes six-bit bytes (its
>in 6x8 font, as aposed to 8x8 font,
>so a full charictor is 6 bits wide, which is a standard mode for the t6963c
>controller based graphical LCDs..) so that will have to be taken into
Tim Thompson

Ever heard of

I'm really impressed with the character set generator program by Nikolai
Golovchenko. I downloaded the source code and a precompiled executable and a
pre-processed font. The program lets you choose whether to take your font bitmap
and convert it to 1 byte per row (simplest to decode) or try to pack it denser
and squeeze 3 rows / 2 bytes. It's a classic time/space tradeoff.

Check out the fonts at

Um... you probably want a 1 pixel gap between your letters on the screen, so
maybe you want the 7x5 font there.

I'm trying to write a little code that does *proportional* fonts (each letter in
the font has an extra byte (extra 4 bits ?) that specifies exactly how many
pixels wide it really is). The program shifts the pixels from the font table
back and forth and combines them with the previous and next letter. As a side
effect, this makes it easier to make a font of any arbitrary width, and place
letters *anywhere* on the screen (rather than X locations that are multiples of
6 pixels).

But it's not working yet :-(.

Later I'll try to modify Golovchenko's program to automatically calculate the
"width" of each letter.

David Cary

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