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Thread: PCB fabrication - broken copper trace problem
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>On Sat, Apr 21, 2001 at 12:16:15PM +0100, Dave Selvester wrote:
>> The only other advise i would give is stay away from sodium hydroxide as the developer - awfull stuff(i'm sure others would concur)
>So what could I use instead? (NaOH is recommended by the manufacturer of
>my photoresist. I dislike it too, because it is sold in big packages only,
>and deteriorates quickly due to CO2 absorption :-( )
>          Wojtek Zabolotny
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Totally agree - NaOH, while cheap and readily available is pretty
awful stuff.
Use a silicate based developer - solution has indefinite shelf life,
it's not nearly as temperature sensitive, and has a huge margin
between developing and overdeveloping, so you can use it really strong
to develop PCBs in 10 seconds, but not ruin them if left for a couple
of minutes.  It is available from Mega and others in the UK, and there is also a
recipie to make it on my PCB making page

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