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Thread: Why Steinhart-Hart equation?
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At 09:44 AM 4/19/01 -0600, Jose S. Samonte Jr. wrote:
>Sir David, I didn't get what you mean. =)
>One more time, please?
>Please, more help and more reasons would be very much appreciated...

Your prof is asking you to justify your design decision.
He may be looking for a "stronger" answer than "because everyone else did
it that way".
Or, he may be looking for honesty from an engineer, saying "I did it this
way because I ran out of time to research it, but I assumed that if many
others use this method, it must be usually ok."

Me, I'd go with the honest answer.

Engineering is about facts. If you start covering them up or distorting
them, then how is anyone supposed to make decisions on that distorted data?

Just my opinion.  It's gotten me in trouble more than once, but I stick by it.

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