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Thread: Why Steinhart-Hart equation?
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At 09:28 AM 4/19/01 -0600, Jose S. Samonte Jr. wrote:
>Hello everybody! =)
>In my project, I used Steinhart-Hart equation to linearize the output of the
>thermistor, because I knew that it is the most commonly used. But my professor
>wants me to give much much better reasons why I used it. He said that there
>are other equations. He wants to know why I opted to use Steinhart-Hart
>equation. Can anyone, please help me? What are the advantages of using
>Steinhart-Hart equation?

I think what he's getting at here, is that "because everyone else does it
this way" is not a very strong reason.

I get this frequently in engineering meetings, and I see both sides of the
On one hand, if a lot of people do it one way, there may be a good reason
for it.
On the other hand, it's a lazy attitude, and I've seen many cases where the
way something is usually done is not the best way to do it.

I think he's looking for you to present him with a "strong" reason for
using it.

The only one I can think of is that it dosen't have to be calibrated to the
individual thermistor, like a table would be, for maximum accuracy.

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