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Thread: Need some help with a PIC monotoring system
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> > I watched the mafia movie "Goodfellows" the other night,
> > they paid off the guards and got tips and passwords that
> > way. Extremely easy. So how much do your guards take home
> > each week?? Any of them got mortgages?? Are they willing
> > to "look the other way" for $5,000 in cash, etc??
> > :o)
> > -Roman

More common than you might think.
However, a smart operator will have a weak link, closely monitored.

I used to do a similar approach on alarm systems.
Bell box on wall, with wire running up outside wall..
Don't cut that wire!  Bell box is empty, but the wire is an input to the

Same on keyswitches. I'd use a cheap keyswitch and LED plate outside. The
LEDs are active, but the keyswitch being turned just trips the system. The
real control is a digital pad inside, where you have to trip a sensor to
get to it.

If you give them a not-too-obvious "easy-in", they'll usually use it. :)

The control box should be put in a non-obvious location, since a fire axe
will disable most systems pretty effectively.

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