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Thread: Difference between LM565 and 4046?
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At 12:41 PM 4/18/01 -0400, Tim Hamel wrote:
>While browsing around for an SCA decoder, I came upon one that uses an LM565
>PLL. So....I happily went over to Radio Shack hoping they might have it; fat
>chance! I found another PLL, 74HCT4046. I'm wondering if I couldn't
>"retro-fit" this 4046 to the SCA circuit which requires an LM565. Herein lies
>the question, are there any major differences between these two chips? I have
>Forrest Mims' "Circuit Scrapbook" which has a section on the 4046, so I
>imagine I could try my hardest to redesign the circuit to accomodate a 4046.

Close enough..
They are both PLL chips that are workable in that range.
Your first goal is to get the pll to lock on to a tone at the subcarrier
freq, then to keep it locked when the tone is modulated. This has to do
with the loop filter.

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