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Thread: Increment
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Dear PIC assembly language programmers,

I can't help myself. I see someone else's code, and I think -- I could make that
at least 1 instruction shorter.

I saw this code:

; from Dmitry Kiryashov
; piclist.org/techref/microchip/math/incdec/gp.htm
       movlw   1
       addwf   count0,F
       addwf   count1,F
       addwf   count1,F
       ;... {ed: repeat the last two lines for as wide a counter as is needed}

Would this work just as well ? Or is there some ``gotcha'' I'm missing ?

; from David Cary
    incf count0,f
    incf count1,f
    incf count2,f
    ;... {repeat the last two lines for as wide a counter as is needed}

David Cary

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