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Thread: PicStart Plus Firmware
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>I need to upgrade my PicStart Plus firmware but I can't seem to locate the
>HEX file seperatly at the web site, can someone please send it to me?
>I know its included with the latest MPLAB, and I have downloaded the file.
>The problem is that I know if I install the new version of MPL, I will not
>be able to use my programmer untill I upgrade its firmware.  Not true, (or at least not in the permutations I've tried)  - you can
use a programmer with older firmware , but it will keep hassling you
to upgrade. Of course you NEED the new formware to programe the newer devices, but
not to program a new firmware chip. That's the idea anyway, and it has
worked for me.
As an aside, I ALWAYS install a new version of MPLAB in a different
directory so I can still use the old one if there are problems in the
new version - doesn't happen often but I like to be safe!

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