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Thread: How to master PIC MPASM language
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>Hello everybody!
>I really need advice from all the good people of the PICLIST. =)
>I have so much respect for all advices and help that you have given me,
>as I was trying to learn assembly language, starting from scratch.
>Sirs, how could I be an expert in PIC MPASM language and PIC software
>development? I really need your help, to point me to the right direction. I
>really dream on becoming an expert PIC developer someday, like most people
After mastering the basics, the only way is to learn by doing real
projects for real applications. Looking at others' code can be useful,
but it can sometimes be hard to tell the good from the bad. The same
goes for hardware - MCU software cannot be considered on its own - you
will never write optimal code if you don't understand how to best
arrange the external hardware. The whole is far greater than the sum of parts (hardware + software) -
if you can design the hardware AND the software, your skills will be
_far_ more marketable.
I've been doing stuff on PICs and other micros for about 15 years, and
learnt PIC assembly in a day, but there is still rarely a project I
don't learn something new from.  
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