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----- Forwarded by Michael J Mansheim/Graco on 04/12/01 01:45 PM -----

>> Yes, this your assumptions are correct, and this behaviour is required
>> the ANSI standard.

> Microntroller C's tend to drift away from "full ansi compliance."  Does
> anyone know for sure if any of the popular PIC C's WON'T handle the
> short-cutting of the boolean expression correctly?

There seemed to be a bit of interest in this question, so I thought I would
test it.
With CCS, it works as Bob says it should.

Here's the code if anyone wants to be sure I tested correctly:

To check different values of F1 & F2, I just changed them and re-compiled.
used a breakpoint to see if function2() was entered.
With F1 = 0 and F2 = 1, result = 0 and function2() was not entered -
the desired behavior!
In case anyone is wondering about testing globals in the test functions
than passing arguments (which would be cleaner), I did it this way so the
would look more like the original question (i.e. functions called that do
take arguments).
By the way, from an earlier discussion, ints are 8 bits in the CCS

unsigned int F1, F2;

unsigned int test(void);
unsigned int function1(void);
unsigned int function2(void);

void main(void)
    unsigned int result;

    F1 = 0;
    F2 = 1;

    result = test();

unsigned int test(void)
    return function1() && function2();

unsigned int function1(void)
    unsigned int return_value;

    if (F1 == 1) return_value = 1;
    else       return_value = 0;

    return return_value;

unsigned int function2(void)
    unsigned int return_value;

    if (F2 == 1) return_value = 1;
    else       return_value = 0;

    return return_value;
Just for yuks, I tried the original method, where test() would look like:

unsigned int test(void)
    if (!function1()) return 0;
    if (!function2()) return 0;
    return 1;

because this looked fine to me, and is probably how I would have done
it.  Not being a C guru, I didn't know you could do what Bob posted.
Not surprisingly, this compiles larger.  So the 'cleaner' look also
compiles more efficiently - not always the case with C.

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