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Thread: Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code enclosed :)
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> > > I hereby and for all time give permission to anyone subscribed to the
> > > PICLIST to post any code which I provide in a posting on PICLIST to
> > > piclist.com or any other location on the www. I only ask that the code
> > > attributed to me.
> >
> > He, me too!
> > Can we make that the small print you have to agree to before joining the
> > list?
> >
>   Would be applicable for jal 6k too ?
Sorry Vasile, only for what I already make public somwehere else. And of
course it is difficult to make public what does not exists yet (BTW it will
be 8k, when you keep yourself in check and stay below 6k it will be WLoader


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Subject (change) Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code enclosed :)

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