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Thread: Distortion of FM radio which close to PC
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At 01:02 AM 4/10/01 +1000, Mg wrote:
>The post I was referring to is from the "Muso's of the world unite! ;)"
>"Sure putting it external helps, but it's still real hard. It's not outside
>, it's internnoise that's a problemal noise. As I say, soundcards are
>generally desinged with very expensive EMI minimisation packages run by
>extremely experienced engineers." By Tom Brandon (31/10/00).
>So yeah after 6 months what I read has become abit hazy!
>I take it "EMI minimisation packages" is referring to the overall design of
>the PCB?
>But anyway couldn't DSP be used to surpress/attenuate noise? Digital
>bandpass filters exist so therefore isn't this DSP?

Problem is that noise is everywhere.
You can filter out some of it, but there does not exist a "that which is
not signal" filter.
(Other than a correlator or boxcar, which works with signals of only a
single frequency.)

As far as making low noise PCB layouts, I've never heard the bit above.
I'm sure there exist expensive solutions, but I've always found that a bit
of attention to the layout and a knowlege of the basic physics involved, to
be sufficient.  I use an old but reliable cad program (dos orcad), and I
never use the autorouter.

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