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Thread: Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code enclosed :)
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Darn it! YOU post it to the archives. There is a form on the bottom of every
page that allows one to post code, make a new page, etc... and the archive
allows one to very easily add a link to any post or thread by simply pasting
in the URL of the page at the site where the link should be added.

I worked hard to make it possible for others to post to the site directly so
that I would not have to work hard keeping it up to date. It is supposed to
be a group effort. You own the site as much as I do... Its your own
contributions that make it great.

I'm trying to concentrate on other projects like a parametric search engine
to help find the best PIC for the job and shopping cart services and
auctions (free) for people to use to buy and sell chips, programmers, etc...

Having said all that, I've already linked this topic from the basic math
page at

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Subject (change) Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code enclosed :)

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