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Thread: Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code enclosed :)
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Bob Ammeroman wrote: ( correct this time :) )

>Bravo, bravo!

as an reply to Scott Dattalo's posting:

> I'd like to expand on Bob's idea a little.
> To recap, we have a 24bit number and we'd like to find a smaller number
that is
> congruent to it modulo 5. In other words, if we divide the 24 bit number
by 5
> and the smaller number by 5 we get the same remainder. Perhaps a little
> can illustrate the pattern:

<big snip>

I'm in awe,
I was looking for a 'clever' way to round variables
particulary 24 bit ones and You outshined everything I
could envision.


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Subject (change) Rounding to closest 1's multiple, code enclosed :)

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