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Thread: Reuse of Photo Resist Developer
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Don't use sodium hydroxide developer it's rather temperature
sensitive, prone to over or under develop, and made-up solution
doesn't last long. The only good thing about it is it's cheap, but
this is false economy after you've wrecked a couple of boards due to
over or underdevelopment.
Silicate based developer is WAY better - the solution lasts basically
forever - you can just top-up when it gets weak, and it has a HUGE
margin between developing and overdeveloping, i.e. you can leave the
board in for several (>10) times the normal develop time without
damage. In practice this means you can use it really strong, so boards
develop in 5-10 seconds. Once you've used this stuff you'll never go
back to hydroxide!
More info, including a silicate developer recipie, at

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