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Thread: Which file for 908515 flash and EPROM?
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William <williamspam_OUTspamKILLspamMYWEB.COM.MY> on 2001-04-05 07:57:20 PM was mystified by a
bunch of files and wondered
> I am using GCCAVR for compiling program for my AT90S8515.
> http://www.qsl.net/ba1fb/.
> Now, the problem is after I compiled my .C files, it generates .EEP,
>.MAP, .O, .OBJ,
> .LST files. What are these files?

You might be interested in reading the ".map" and ".lst" files.
The ".map" shows a memory map of where the compiler/linker decided to put each
functions and data block,
and (what I find most important) how much total memory my project uses. (If I
have *lots* of free memory, I'm free to adjust my speed/space tradeoff).

The ".lst" file is a line-by-line commentary on your source code, showing how
your code expanded (macros, etc.) into assembly language.

I'm pretty sure the ".EEP" file is your EEPROM data. Is it in the format your
programmer expects ?
Some programmers want just a raw binary file, others want INHX32 or Motorola

I see that
John Samperi <STOPspamsamperi@spam@spam.....AMPERTRONICS.COM.AU> on 2001-04-05 08:44:53 PM
Subject:  [AVR]: Is this channel DEAD? Take #3

wants to hear some discussion.

David Cary

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