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Thread: MPLAB -->was [PIC]: Tips on how to debug SLEEP with MPLAB-ICE?
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>Here's the real crunch : when doing a multiple pic project, where the pics
>talk to each other, to pass this information between different MPLAB
>processes (tricky, but do-able!)

OLE! What everyone will say when they do it that way? :)

Its not that tricky to do the message passing, it is the sorting out where
it comes from/goes to is the tricky part. Probably have to do it by naming
signals. Also have to have a processor speed synchronisation - if two
processors are running at the same speed then you want them to run
approximately in step in the simulation, not one appearing to be at 4MHz and
one at 3.8MHz when both are spec'd at 4.

The other thing I would like to see is the configuration file for a given
piece of code maintaining pin names for that processor so when you go to the
stimulus menu you can see immediately which pin to toggle instead of
relating Pushbutton_2 to RB.0 in your head.

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Subject (change) MPLAB -->was [PIC]: Tips on how to debug SLEEP with MPLAB-ICE?

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