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Thread: Distortion of FM radio which close to PC
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At 10:58 PM 4/5/01 -0400, Herbert Graf wrote:
>I've always wondered the same, how TV cards work, how even sound cards works
>with so much EM noise around, I guess it's just good design and ALOT of
>shielding. TTYL

They are working with much stronger signals.
Just try to get a weak station on one.

Here's a tip.
From Digikey, get a couple of sheets of carbon foam, for putting ICs in.
Place in a zip-lock bag, then glue the bag to the large walls of your PC case.
I bet the noise gets better.

Shielding is reflective. That's ok, but unless you provide an absorber, the
signals bounce around until they find their way out. "Energy can neither be
created nor destroyed".. If you could measure finely enough, you would
discover that the sheets are slightly warmer than ambient.

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