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Thread: Calling subroutines in a 16C57 Paged Memory?
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Bob Ammerman <spamRAMMERMAN.....spamEraseMEPRODIGY.NET> on 2001-04-05 12:17:47 PM
clarified things by saying:
> the 16C57
> It is important to note that this chip has the 12-bit core, and the
> paging/banking rules are very different from the 14-bit midrange core.
> Calls and computed gotos (addwf PCL,f) can only go to addresses in the first
> 256 bytes of the currently selected page.

Thanks for reminding me to put all my computed gotos and subroutines first in
the page...

> Bob Ammerman

Whoops, I was thinking about the 14 bit core. Sorry about the confusion.

MPASM still does the Right Thing with the instructions BANKISEL, BANKSEL, and
PAGESEL. Right ?

David Cary

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Subject (change) Calling subroutines in a 16C57 Paged Memory?

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