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Thread: Calling subroutines in a 16C57 Paged Memory?
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Dear Ian Hynes,

I agree that the paging mechanism on the PIC is annoying.

That's why I always use the
 BANKISEL ; Select Bank for indirect access via FSR and INDF
 BANKSEL ; Select RAM bank
 PAGESEL ; Select ROM page (for GOTO and CALL)
macros (aren't they built into your assembler ?)
rather than trying to roll my own macros.

Ian Hynes <TakeThisOuTelekspamspamEraseMENETSTRA.COM.AU> on 2001-04-05 06:06:47 AM wrote:

>Bank_0 MACRO             ;Page & Bank select macros.
> bcf   FSR,5
> bcf   FSR,6
>Bank_1 MACRO
> bsf   FSR,5
> bcf   FSR,6

This just looks wrong to me. The FSR doesn't have any page select bits; it's
(the lo 8 bits of) a pointer. (The hi bits are set in a different register using

>        Page_1
>        Bank_1
>        call    test01        ;Call a routine in Page #1
>        nop                   ;We should finish up here.
>        goto    $

My assembler (MPASM) Does the Right Thing when I say
    PAGESEL test01
    call test01
(When I look at the ``.lst'' file, I see that PAGESEL expands to some BSF and/or
BCF instructions, similar to your macros).

{Quote hidden}

Did you know that the bits that control which bank of RAM one can access are
*different* from the bits that control which page of ROM one can GOTO ?

I would write
    movf FWD_TIME,w
    BANKSEL charac
    movf charac,w
    PAGESEL lcdtx4
    call lcdtx4
which works correctly no matter where those items are located.

David Cary

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