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Thread: clever rounding out there ?
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Bob Ammerman wrote:

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Excellent work Bob! So, it would take about:

1. add 25 to the 24bit number. (6)
2. extract the 10s and 1s digits. (68)
3. if 10s is greater than 5 subtract 5 from it. (7)
4. multiply 10s by 10 (simple lookup table, 5 bytes) (5)
5. add 1s to 10s (this is now the 50 modulus) (2)
6. subtract the modulus from the 24bit number (6)

That's only about 94 instructions, give or take
a few. :o)

So that would be on a 18C series PIC, how much
larger would it become if using only a 16 series
PIC I wonder??

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