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Thread: pic changing program speed ?
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I believe that
Roman Black <.....fastvidKILLspamspamEZY.NET.AU> on 2001-04-04 04:06:30 AM
meant to write something like this:

;= waitXX100msec -> long time delay routine (with clrwdt!)      =
waitXX100msec   movwf   GreatwaitReg            ; store the waiting
time! (msb)

               clrf    count_inner             ; prepare lsb

               decfsz  count_inner             ; dec and loop 256 times
               goto    loop_inner              ; 1+2 inst x 256 (delay period)

               clrwdt                          ; give the dog a bone
               decfsz  GreatwaitReg            ; dec outer loop counter
               goto    loop_outer              ; 1+1+2 inst x value of
                                                ; (delay period)

               retlw   0                       ; return
; You can add a third (or fourth) loop with no effort, and
; for varying timings you can always load the inner loop
; vars with a value instead of clearing them (which=256).
; My personal pref with stepper motors is to set the inner
; loop value so that when Greatvalue==256 I get the slowest
; speed I need. You then get the best speed range possible
; just by varying the Greatvalue byte.
; -- Roman Black

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