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Thread: 16bit/32bit Replacements for PIC16c7xx series.
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Can some give me some alternative replacement microcontrollers which
provide at least a Parrallel slave port, PWM and timer modules and that
are RISC processors which are 16bit or 32bit cores.  I need more
powerfull solution for controlling XY coordinated motion and it seems
that the PIC is just not suited for the job, because of the data size.
I am trying to control axis with 60" travels or more and need at least
24bit variables where the simple addition/substractions take only a
single cycle.  Today, I am finding that just to cacluate the delt of
motion for one axis, it takes at least 35 cycles or more for 24bit on
the PIC micro.  It takes 3 cycles to move X1 to arithmatic register,
another 3 cycles to move X2.  Then another 25 to do the addition and
ther another 3 cycles to move the result.  Now, I am attempting to use
the Bresenham algorithm to calculate step and direction signals for two
stepper motors on a 200steps/rev with a .1" lead screw.  And the time to
do all of these basic simple calculations will not give me high enough
motion speeds even from a 20MHz Clock speeds.  
Also, I am looking for one where I can get a cheep programmer and that
has an ASM editor and compiler similar to the MPLAB from microchip.  I
am doing this as a hobbiest, so I don't have the finacial resources to
pay $1000 or greate that some of there places want for just the
developement environment.



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