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Thread: Seperating grounds
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At 12:39 PM 4/1/01 -0500, Bob wrote:
>Thanks for your reply,
>Okay, I guess that "leads" me to another question or two.  How should I tie in
>the 2nd ground pin on an F876?  And why is it even there for that
>matter?  I was
>just going to connect it to the other ground pin by running a trace underneath
>the part between them.

If one of the grounds is very close to the xtal pins, that would be a clue.
See www.dvanhorn.org/Micros/All/Crystals.php
Count on this. If there are multiples, you need all of them.

>I had did a search in the piclist archive, and kept coming across the term
>"vias".  What is a "vias"?  I'm thinking it must be a euphemism for traces or

A via is a hole that's used to take a trace from top to bottom, or bottom
to top.
It's just like a component lead hole (also reverred to as a "Free via")
except smaller.

>I believe I read one post in there about using thinner ground traces for high
>frequency digital, so that it would cut down on the amount of frequency that
>gets back to the central connecting point.

BAD idea.
Ground fat, VCC thin.

See article: http://www.dvanhorn.org/Micros/All/Bypass.php
Dave's Engineering Page: http://www.dvanhorn.org
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