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Thread: Homemade PCB fabrication
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>Just my own experience and it may not be the same as others but, I have
>always ended up coming back to the photo process.  Making a negative and
>doing the photo exposure on the sensitized copper board or using a positive
>image and using the presensitized positive exposure boards.  Since most of us
>are trying to make the boards as small a possible the traces are just too
>thin for the transfer paper or "press n peel" technique.  At least that has
>been my experience.
I'd agree - with the right technique, you can easily get reliable
results with 10 thou (0.01") traces and clearances. Double-sided is
also much easier. The two most important things are to print on tracing paper - way
better than transparancy film and also cheaper, and not use sodium
hydroxide developer - use a silicate-based one.   For a detailed
discussion of this and other issues go to

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