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Thread: Cypress new micro's
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> Do a web search for "to architect" and you'll find over 20,000 hits.
> That's about 50% more than you'll find for "to nag" and twice as many
> as you'll find for "pedant" or "nit-picking".

> -Andy

> P.S.  "Verbing" isn't an English word; the word which means "to
>      convert into a verb" is "verbalize".

this is a late response - I'm way behind on my piclist e-mail.

Ouch!  This was just a lame attempt at humor - my apologies if
you were offended.  I didn't intend to nitpick or criticize - this
is simply a widespread phenomenom that I find interesting to follow,
and I truly hadn't seen that usage before.  'verbing' was an
intentional, tongue in cheek participation in the "fun" (past tense).
Again:  I'm sorry.  I'll be quiet now.

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