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Thread: Dual digit LED display
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yes - they want to keep their products flexible - on a 2 digit
display, number of pins is not normally a problem.
>I've discovered that laying out the PCB traces for a single sided board for that
>takes up gobs of space on my board.  Space that I can't afford.  
Instead of using a hard-to-find muxed display (if it exists),  there
is another option, if you just apply a little lateral thinking....

It is not actually necessary for the segments of each digit to be
connected to the _corresponding_ segment of the other digit - they
could be connected to ANY segment of the other digit. The segments can be interconnected in whichever way is most convenient
for your PCB layout. The software would simply use a different 7-segment lookup table for
each digit, which would probably take no more than about 10 extra
words (7 for the table and a few to select the table depending on
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