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Thread: Four-wire electric distribution system
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In Sweden we have a low-budget electric distribution system using only four wires, with a common wire for both neutral and protective ground. We split the neutral and protective ground in the fuse-box in our houses. That results in a lot of parasit current in the protective ground, especially when people, not necessarily in the same building, use powerful single-phase loads.

My question is:

Is Sweden the only country in Europe that don't use 5-wire transmission system, with separate ground and neutral wires ? I do work a lot with clearing those currents, especially for electrosensitive people, and I get very fed up with this ! Also, those automatic breakers (don't know the english word) that compare the current between the three phases and neutral, and triggers if there's a difference, keep trigging from those parasite currents !

Pooh !

Attila Muhi - SM4RAN

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