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Thread: PC based oscilliscpe
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Greg Miller wrote:
>Are the PC based oscilliscopes any good?  E.g. comparable to stand alone
devices in the same price range.

They have their place. The most important thing to remember is that,
from a practical viewpoint, a digital [ie, sampling] scope has to
sample 5 to 10 times per period on a signal to produce a high
fidelity "time-domain" display -[although some scopes do a sinX/X
reproduction and can get away with fewer samples].

In short, this means if you want a digital scope that has the same
ability to display data as a 100 Mhz analog scope, for example, it
has to be able to sample at upwards to 500-1000 Msamples/sec. You
can get 100 Mhz analog scopes for under $1000, but the digital scope
will cost a tad bit more.

- dan michaels

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