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>Perhaps I should have mentioned that I'd like to get this to be as small
>and light as possible (thus the interest in the Watch-style EL drivers.)
>There's plenty of inverter circuits that will WORK (as someone mentioned,
>those provided by the manufacturer are pretty cheap and dirty) using
>everything from power to audio to customer transformers.  I just want
>something that occupies less than a square inch of PCB space, weighs 10g or
>so, and does sequencing of multiple outputs (that's one of the reasons to
>want to use the PIC to drive the voltage converter - there'll probably be
>a micro in there to do the sequencing anyway...)
The way I'd do this would be to use a dc-dc chip (e.g. MAX771) to
generate a HVDC supply using a simple inductor, then chop this at teh
EL drive frequency with a transistor full-bridge (several for
sequenced apps). This should be do-able in 1 sq.in.  The capacitance
of the EL should avoid the need for much capacitance on the output of
the DC/DC.

For sequencing several ELs, another approach might be to use a single
inverter and triacs to switch the output -I think you can get SOT-23
triacs (Philips or SGS-Thomson maybe?), you can certainly get them in
SOT-223 and TO-92. I used a large EL inverter with opto-triacs for the big clock I made
from pager EL backlight panels:

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