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Thread: [EE]: Reset problems - 8535
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>The values you list make me nervous..

Hope I don't cause any sleepless nights ... :-)

>Have a read through the above article, it may prove illuminating.
>Check the crystal spec. With the values of cap you list, I'd expect a
>loading cap spec of about 12-14pF.
>This may not be causing your problem, but I'm a firm believer in getting
>rid of anything questionable before spending hours of debug time.

I will check the cap values. I printed your doc. But, when the circuit hangs, one of few things working seems to be the osc.

>There is no "reset" when you use wake on interrupt.

I know, I don't want it either.

>You just wake up, and start executing from the int vector.
>The processor I/O is left in whatever state it was in when you went to sleep.
>Are you forcing a reset with external hardware, WDT, or rjmp 0000?

I force reset with external hardware. I use the reset to initiate the circuits and set up certain values, and to go to sleep and wait for irq:s...
>Hint:  I always implement a full int vector table. It's a piece of library
>code I make up for each CPU I work with.
>Initially, all the ISRs do is turn their respective ints OFF.  As I build
>the app, I replace those with actual ISRs for the ints I'm using.  That
>way, if I ever accidentally enable an int, it's shut off after one hit, and
>it's mostly harmless.

That was a very good idea. Why didn't I think of that ?
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I will start off with that complete interrupt vector table. Then, if the problem still is there, I will put my second proto together. In fact, I have material enough for 10 proto's :-)


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